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WestWorld Season 2 Ep 1 Journey Into Night – Fabulously Entertaining

Bernard and Charlotte Hale Westward Season 2 Ep 1 Journey Into The Night

The premiere of the second season of Westworld promised to inform us every thing that they already didn’t reply. What’s subsequent for Delores? What is going to life be for Bernard after Robert Ford’s dying? Will all of the hosts burn Westworld down and head for the actual streets to burn the world full of empathy missing people? However to reply these questions within the first episode would have been too straightforward. As an alternative, they began a brand new recreation that left much more questions open to the creativeness.

Having Bernard because the individual during which we see all the unfolding occasions is like throwing out the map and going blindfolded into the woods. I’m fairly positive it’s on function too. The truth that he’s a number complicates issues. Differentiating his goals and reminiscences from actual life occasions is tough.

The very first scene is of Bernard and Delores having one among their secret sit-downs, and moments after the convo ends, you’ll be able to’t inform if this can be a reminiscence, one thing that simply occurred, his creativeness enjoying tips on him, or whether it is truly Arnold’s reminiscence. Bernard tells Delores that her capacity to progress scares him, and with good purpose. She gives that she doesn’t know why he can be afraid of little previous’ her. Moments later we get a couple of flashes of Bernard grabbing his head, arms shaking, in a number of totally different situations. That’s adopted by Delores asking Bernard if he forgot who he actually is, then telling him that there’s a magnificence in what they’re. In a single shot, Delores is sporting trendy garments. Did she at any level find yourself outdoors of Westworld?  There’s a glimpse of Bernard capturing with an enormous artillery gun, and he awakens on the seashore, his glasses wading out and in of the waves.

So what was, does all of it imply? Your guess is nearly as good as mines. These appear to be forgotten reminiscences and glimpses into what occurred post-Robert Ford’s dying. See, Bernard awakened on the seashore however it isn’t the day after, it’s almost 11 days since Delores shot up all the people and went postal.

Delos has despatched their man in cost Karl Strand [Gustaf Skarsgård] to seek out out what the hell occurred that the hosts went on a rampage. Discovering Bernard on the seashore is promising since they assume they will get the small print from one other excessive official. However Bernard barely speaks and could be very distraught, which they take because the after-effects of a traumatic occasion. However the viewers is aware of nicely to assume that perhaps Bernard doesn’t keep in mind since he’s a number.

There are full groups arrange on the seashore investigating the present whereabouts of the hosts. A number of captured hosts are shot at level clean, and Bernard is stunned by the brutality. Why can’t they only flip them off and convey them again to headquarters? I imply, do they actually need to be so brutal with the execution-style energy button? I do know, it’s straightforward for them as a result of they know that these are robots nevertheless it does appear excessive.

Since Bernard gained’t say a lot, Strand has certainly one of his associates scalp a local American host that had been killed to entry his reminiscence. Let’s simply say these hosts have method an excessive amount of mind and blood to be robots. The natives final moments present Delores capturing down hosts and saying that not all of them are supposed to enter the valley past. Delores doesn’t intend on taking all of the hosts on her new mission, and it isn’t clear what qualifies or disqualifies a number from being part of the entourage.


After Delores put a bullet via Ford’s head, the hosts went wild capturing people (Bernard guesses Ford coded them to acknowledge people as hosts) and apparently not following their often scheduled programming. Bernard finds himself with arms shaking, hiding in a barn with a gaggle of people that embrace Charlotte Hale [Tessa Thompson]. Rebus [Steve Ogg] and his buddies are utilizing a human lady as a goal. She’s pinned towards the surface of the barn door with a glass on prime of her head. They find yourself killing her and depart to the aid of everybody hiding out on the within of the barn.

Credit score: John P. Johnson/HBO

The human visitors are scared and ask Bernard to ship them to the closest exit. He explains that there’s an outpost someplace close by. Earlier than they will head out, an uncorrupted and virtually harmless farmhand exhibits as much as are likely to the animals. He kindly asks if he might assist the group and finally ends up getting kicked to oblivion earlier than they kill him with a hay fork. Bernard tries to cease them however they ignore his pleas and assault the one host they might harm with out getting killed.

Charlotte tells Bernard to not sacrifice himself for the merchandise. However as a number, Bernard can’t bear to see the boy killed.

The outpost has two Delos staff subsequent to an extraction automotive, and the human group goes operating like they see water in a desert. Bernard, nevertheless, holds again and tries to get them to decelerate. Charlotte and Bernard cover out behind a tree and uncover that it’s a lure. These evacuee staff are lifeless, propped up towards the automotive, and a few masked shooters belonging to Wyatt shoot down a lot of the group and let one among them run off.

It appeared like there was no hope for Bernard and Charlotte, who have been fortunate to have dragged their ft, however Charlotte admits that there’s one other submit close by that the Delos firm by no means advised anybody about apart from unique personnel like herself. Ford had his secrets and techniques, and Delos had theirs.

The underground location is a base for unregistered drones to gather info from inactive hosts. Nobody knew about this, or a minimum of it appears. Solely people can entry the door with their DNA. However when Bernard touches the handles, he’s authorised entry. The drones, who look precisely just like the Westworld emblem with no face, won’t disturb people after their DNA has been learn. And these drones cross Bernard by like he’s no totally different than Charlotte. Both Bernard is by some means arrange with Arnold’s DNA, so he registers as human or Ford knew about this place all alongside and gave him entry earlier than he even knew he wanted it.

And what info are these drones amassing, do you marvel? They’re swabbing the privates of the hosts who’ve had intercourse with their rich shoppers and extracting their reminiscences as properly. This seems like extremely costly blackmail materials towards the individuals who go to the park when you ask me.

Charlotte contacts the bottom by way of the pc and asks for an extraction group. However Delos refuses to ship any assist till they obtain a package deal. Apparently, they nonetheless don’t have it. The package deal is Peter Abernathy, Delores’ father. The hosts have giant reminiscence functionality of their drives, and Peter Abernathy was used to downloading all the info that I assume Theresa had previously been making an attempt to get out of the park. Additionally, Charlotte calls this info an insurance coverage coverage. It’s unclear how all of the parks knowledge will guarantee Delos towards an obvious menace.

Bernard claims he can discover Abernathy’s location by sending a sign by way of one of many hosts. Solely, he begins shaking badly, and his imaginative and prescient will get blurred, making it arduous for him to do something in any respect. Whereas Charlotte goes and modifications garments, Bernard has the system scan him. His system is corrupted inflicting the shakes, aphasia, cognitive dissonance, and time slippage. This is the reason he’s been shaking all this time and why we will’t inform what is occurring or being remembered. This “virus” that has overcome his system is just .72 hours away from utterly corrupting his drive. Bernard injects the host he’s utilizing as a locator and extracts a transparent liquid from the aspect of his head. He then injects himself in the identical place with the liquid, inflicting the corruption to cease.

I’ll wager that this virus-like corruption is how all the opposite hosts flipped their narratives and commenced to acknowledge people as hosts. Might Ford have written code to deprave all the hosts? There’s additionally no method to know what that liquid was however I additionally guess that it has solely purchased Bernard a while.

At this level, Charlotte thinks that Bernard is simply straight up bizarre. When she returns, Bernard is out of breath, and the system has pinpointed Abernathy’s location.


Not solely have the hosts in Westworld gone nuts, however the hosts that have been saved outdoors the park have been affected. Lee finds himself cornered by a flesh-eating host that doesn’t reply to his instructions. Maeve walks in with a shooter and calmly deactivates the host with a couple of phrases. It appears that evidently the hosts now solely reply to the instructions of different hosts.

Lee is in awe that Maeve is self-aware and asks if she set all the chaos in movement. She admits that she had nothing to do with it and walks out. However Lee begs to assist her as a result of he wants a number as an ally to outlive. He tells her that the maps are outdated resulting from Ford’s fixed altering of Westworld. So he’ll come alongside as an up to date information.

When Maeve tells Lee she’s after her daughter, he tries to elucidate to her that her daughter is a part of a false narrative and isn’t actual. Not that she doesn’t exist, however since they created two separate hosts and gave them their reminiscence, technically, the little woman is simply one other bot and never her organic spawn. Maeve will get tough with Lee and factors out that since she isn’t actual, she couldn’t probably kill him. And that’s the top of that story.

Maeve finds a wounded host nonetheless closely reciting scripted strains and deactivates her out of pity. Then one of many Delos groups exhibits up, and Lee guarantees that he’ll shield Maeve if she follows alongside. Maeve pretends to be simply one other Delos worker and would have gotten away with it if Lee wouldn’t have gestured to her when he stated that some hosts have even managed to vary their garments. Simply in time, some cowboys present up capturing a number of the Delos individuals. Maeve kills the remainder of the Delos staff and orders the remaining hostile hosts to go look elsewhere.

Maeve might, at this level, have gotten rid of Lee, however she retains him as a result of she in all probability realizes his assist can be helpful. Even when he’s deceitful.

Maeve Hector Westward Season 2 Episode 1 Journey Into The NightCredit score: John P. Johnson/HBO

Maeve finds Hector having a drink after his lengthy battle with Delos to make sure her escape. Hector will comply with Maeve wherever despite the fact that she thinks that their mission to her daughter might be a troublesome one. They take Hector again to the lab to get his wounds mended. Maeve takes this time to provide Lee some Westworld garments to mix in with the hosts once they return to the park. Truly, she might have left him in his garments, however she needed to afford him the identical sort of vulnerability that any host must encounter with the Delos individuals searching them. To make the downgrade full, Maeve makes Lee strip bare. The identical humiliating expertise of being a number on the headquarters base.

The Man in Black

The Man in Black [aka TMIB] is likely one of the few that survived Delores’ bloodbath. He cleverly hid beneath some lifeless our bodies until the hosts had left. Earlier than he leaves, he sees the lone wolf that appeared in season one, strolling amongst the lifeless our bodies that littered the ground. What does this wolf imply? [i have a theory I will mention at the end of this post]

TMIB virtually doesn’t make it after his eager get away when one other human that survived comes wailing about calling his lawyer and will get shot within the head by two rogue cowboys. That leaves TMIB to battle with them, and though he will get injured, he manages to kill them each.

TMIB returns to his home, cleans his wounds, and modifications his garments. It virtually looks like that is simply one other day in Westworld. He jumps on his horse and finds a campsite with some lifeless individuals and stops to scavenge for provides. He’s interrupted by the younger boy that Robert Ford created to remind him of his childhood.

The boy’s voice is glitchy with an older man’s voice and you may inform that it’s Robert’s. The boy tells TMIB that he has lastly made it to the middle of Arnold’s maze. However now, he’s entered Robert’s recreation, and this one is most undoubtedly made for TMIB [Arnold’s maze was designed for the hosts in hopes of making them conscious. Delores and the uprising indicates that the hosts have made it to the center]

The Man in Black Young Robert Ford Westworld Season 2 Ep 1 Journey into the NightCredit score: John P. Johnson/HBO

Ford’s recreation requires that TMIB discover a door. I feel this door will result in the surface civilization, one thing that TMIB has not been part of in lots of a few years. This maze will in all probability be the other of Arnold’s. I’m hoping that it’ll assist TMIB discover his humanity. The boy ensures that the sport will uncover TMIB so there gained’t be any looking for a means in, the best way he did with the maze. Since TMIB has all he must know and doesn’t have to go round looking for clues, he kills the younger host. It made me really feel like I used to be dropping Ford for the second time.



Delores went so far as driving via the fields on her horse to shoot down people, and unworthy hosts, like she was searching rabbit. She put three people on prime of some tombstones with nooses round their head and gave them a speech about who she is and who they’re. She’s properly conscious of the pleasure that people absorb doing unspeakable acts towards the hosts. With that, she explains that her Delores aspect feels some pity for them, however the Wyatt aspect doesn’t. Delores is actually two individuals on the similar time. She claims that she won’t play out any previous narrative anymore however is trying to be herself. With that, she doesn’t kill these three as a Delores sort of mercy. However the noose round their necks and the truth that one of many women is sporting heels and can ultimately lose her stability and grasp herself exhibits the Wyatt aspect continues to be simply as dominant.

Ater the killing spree, Delores has a coronary heart to coronary heart with Teddy.  Delores explains to him that she remembers every part clearly and that’s how she’s going to win in the long run. However Teddy asks why they don’t simply get somewhat nook of their present world and make their dwelling. Delores is aware of they will’t survive like that. This pretend world relies upon an excessive amount of on different individuals and one other world. Delores has modified from her unique candy ranch woman disposition, however that’s explanation for the Wyatt program and her self-awareness. Teddy continues to be a candy hero that desires nothing greater than to calm down. So, Teddy seems to be clearly disturbed as Delores mows down everybody however is aware of higher than to protest.

It appears that evidently Delores doesn’t solely plan to take over Westworld, she plans to take over the actual world. And I don’t assume she signifies that she intends to flee and mix in like Maeve deliberate to. It appears extra just like the hosts are going to expire of Westworld and assault the people. She retains insisting that she is aware of the longer term as a result of she remembers the previous, and I can’t assist however assume that Robert and Arnold have left her with info that she is utilizing for these plans. In the long run, she claims it’ll simply be Teddy and Dolores.

One of many Wyatt minions alerts Delores that they discovered what they have been in search of and Delores tells Teddy he must see this fact. We’ll have to attend for the subsequent episode simply to seek out out what that’s.

The place are we now…

Strand takes Bernard and the group to the place the place all of it went down. The road resulting in the Saloon is roofed in our bodies which might be festering with flies. They flip over Ford’s physique to seek out that maggots are consuming out of the bullet holes in his head. So, Ford is completely lifeless.  Then they head towards another problem sprouting up on the Delos pill and discover the lifeless rotting corpse of a Bengal tiger. The tiger is from world six and by some means has discovered its method into Westworld.

[the wolf theory]

That lone wolf that has been making rounds has to have been a wolf that escaped from one other world. Crossing worlds was an issue that began a very long time in the past.

One in every of Strands individuals finds all the hosts gathered at a location on his pill. All of them head over there, however even with a number of groups of armed women and men, I nonetheless wouldn’t have gone to confront the hosts so boldly. They discover out that the spot of land they have been approaching has modified to open up to an enormous sea. Not even Ford might have been capable of create such an unlimited physique of water with out the Delos company figuring out. So the place did this water come from?

Strand and Bernard stroll to the shores of the ocean, and all the hosts are lifeless, floating within the water. Strand tells Bernard as soon as once more that he wants his assist in discovering out what actually occurred. Bernard stares into the ocean and acknowledges Teddy floating on the prime. He tells Strand that he killed them.

*Pause for response*

The current time is made up of Strands investigations with Bernard at his aspect.

They uncover:

that the majority human visitors have been killed throughout Delores’ mass killing spree that began with Robert Ford

All hosts acknowledge people as hosts and may hurt them.

There’s some world crossover, ie. The Bengal tiger

Virtually all the hosts are lifeless on this unknown sea.

Ford should have carried out a virus that was timed to go off after his demise. This virus would open up the host’s capabilities permitting them to have the ability to ultimately attain the identical consciousness that Delores has met. A few of the modifications should have additionally included different worlds. It’s unclear whether or not the hosts from the opposite places have been affected, however the animals have been capable of depart their areas and go elsewhere.

Now that we all know the now, we will take a look at every thing else because the previous. Bernard’s glimpses of unaccounted time should have occurred inside the days that adopted the demise of Ford. The temporary clip of Bernard utilizing a gun should have been a reminiscence that he took half within the mass killing of all of the hosts. Delores telling him that there’s magnificence in what they’re should imply that Bernard was satisfied to participate in her mission. Perhaps the virus corruption accomplished and he was capable of play a task in Delores’ mission.

I’ll guess one million dollars that Delores is just not one of many hosts floating within the sea. She have to be on the surface already wearing trendy clothes and searching like another human. Which is why that’s the second glimpse we see in Bernard’s chopped up reminiscences. Probably, Delores has been mendacity to her host household about becoming a member of her within the valley past. Or…she killed all of them in order that Delos can be pressured to restore them at headquarters making it simpler to infiltrate the surface world.


Bernard’s reminiscence is minimize off after he pinpoints Abernathy. The place is Charlotte? At what level did they half paths? What occurred after that?

The place is Delores?

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